Have you done your Power Test yet?

April 7, 2017

You have been riding the Matrix IC7 bikes for a while now. Have you heard your instructors say “Have you done your Power Test Yet? Do you stare at them thinking, Power What? Let me explain what it is and why it is important. The Epic Ryde Power Test Many of you use the estimated…

Corbing is now being offered at Epic Ryde

March 14, 2017

Corbing with Danny Saturday’s 11:15 a.m. Corbing is a core and balance-intensive functional movement program that utilizes the BOSU® Ballast® Ball to challenge you in ways traditional training cannot. But more importantly, CorbingTM is a program that is extremely fun, yet challenging. It was designed to get you back in touch with your inner child;…

Why our classes are EPIC!

January 11, 2017

We can tell you why Epic Ryde is so awesome but we thought it would be more fun to show you. Check out the videos below to get a taste of what our classes are all about. Express Ryde Epic Burn Video Guilty Pleasure Karaoke Ryde

The holidays are almost here!

November 4, 2016

The holidays are among us and that means lot’s of dinners, events and social gatherings. It also means eating a little more food than normal and drinking extra beverages that all add up to more caloric intake and if not careful, a bigger waistline. Your goals during the holidays should not be to avoid all…

“Guilty Pleasures” Karaoke class at Epic Ryde

October 11, 2016

Do you like to Ryde? Do you like to Sing? Why not do them together? Our “GUILTY PLEASURES cycling is a 60 minute karaoke fueled endurance ride structured around the science of your own heart beat. When you work out in that optimal aerobic zone, you could carry on a conversation, and if you can…

Epic Ryde Instructor Makes History

September 29, 2016

A HUGE Epic congratulations to Danny Wieland. It’s not everyday you break a world record but Danny recently made a new world record for base jumps. He completed 61 base jumps in 24 hours. He conquered BASE Jumper Breaks World Record With 61 Jumps Off Perrine Bridge (In 24-Hours) He began BASE jumping off the…

Epic Ryde 12 Months of Giveaways

September 1, 2016

For the next 12 months, we will be giving away prizes donated by local sponsors. Every member that hits their 15 class bench mark for the month will receive that months featured sponsors prize. All you have to do is get yourself to class at least 15 times in a month to win the sponsored…

What makes Epic Ryde stand out?

August 18, 2016

Ryde is all about Functional Fitness for life. We offer REAL workouts for REAL Life.. Our focus is results, real workouts and creating a sense of community. RESULTS: If you are an athlete wanting to get faster on the bike or a person wanting to lose weight, or if you are just an everyday gym…

Epic Ryde Bicycle GIVEAWAY!

July 7, 2016

Attand the most classes at Epic Ryde during July 11th and August 31t and Win a FREE City bike or Sinnglepeed/fixed gear bike from The Urban Cyclist. All you have to do is attend the most classes starting July 11th -August 31st. You will only be given credit for up to 1 class per day.…

Bike to Work Day Denver

June 21, 2016

Bike to work day is an epic day! Some of us our lucky enough to work close enough to bike to work everyday and others of us only have a few occasions where we are able to make the longer commute in on our bikes. No matter what your situation is Bike to Work Day…