Have you done your Power Test yet?

You have been riding the Matrix IC7 bikes for a while now. Have you heard your instructors say

“Have you done your Power Test Yet?

Do you stare at them thinking, Power What?

Let me explain what it is and why it is important.

The Epic Ryde Power Test

Many of you use the estimated FTW number the bike spits out to you. This number is an average, a calculation based on your height, weight and number of hours you work out per week. This estimate is fine but it’s not always accurate.

You may have found that it is very easy for you to reach your red zone or it might be super hard. This is due to the estimated number being off; you might be stronger that the computer has estimated. This is why doing a power test is so important.

You may already be familiar with RPM and resistance, but what is watts and FTW? Watts is the power you produce, using a combination of the speed at which you pedal and the force you use to move the resistance you have on your bike.

Monitoring your watts, just like monitoring your heart rate, will help you to train smarter. Over time you can then retake the power test to see how your endurance and strength have improved.

The FTW, Functional Threshold Watt Rate, is the value focused on. (What is the highest level of work you can achieve and maintain, while staying functional, performing the task at hand well?) This is a percentage of your threshold wattage, which can be determined accurately by performing the power test.

Once you take the power test, you are given a number, your FTW max, which you will then enter into your bike console instead of using the estimated one!

Your monitor will then change colors based on your work zone, or the specific percentage of your FTW.

Even if you have not taken your power test, your calories burned based on your power is still accurate, thus being that power determines effort. However, doing the power test allows you to accurately see your zones based on your true fitness level.

Regardless of your ability or fitness level, whether you are a seasoned outdoor rider, or a casual cycling participant, allfitness levels can ride side by side, share the same work color, and work based on their individual FTW. This is why doing a power test is so great.

How do I set up my power test?

*We are going to be holding a group power test on Saturday, April 15th at 11:15 a.m.

*It’s FREE but you will need to sign up online. It will take 20-30 minutes, depending on your fitness level.

You will achieve the most accurate results if you have not worked out prior to this test.

Make sure to bring water and a towel.