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“Guilty Pleasures” Karaoke class at Epic Ryde

11 October 2016

Do you like to Ryde? Do you like to Sing? Why not do them together?

Our “GUILTY PLEASURES cycling is a 60 minute karaoke fueled endurance ride structured around the science of your own heart beat. When you work out in that optimal aerobic zone, you could carry on a conversation, and if you can talk, you can SING!

The goal of the class is to maintain the edges of the aerobic zone where the foundation of your cardiovascular system strengthens and expands while having some fun and signing along as we go.

The class uncovers the beauty and simplicity in the present moment, resonating sound and vibration through ones cells by singing along. Metabolizing that sense of “feeling good” so you can take it with you off the bike out into the world.

This unique and super awesome class is taught by Peggy Dyer. Please check out her bio below.

Peggy has been making people sweat, smile and sing since 2004. Her “Guilty Pleasures Cycle” classes cultivate health by connecting the body, mind and soul. Come prepared to belt out your favorite jams — the louder the better. Welcome to the judgement-free zone.

A certified indoor cycling coach and yoga teacher, Peggy’s goal is to inspire her students to let go of their expectations — of what a fitness class is, of what healthy “looks like,” of what your best effort “should” be on any given day. Peggy knows that fitness is often measured in numbers: how fast am I riding? How much do I weigh? But these values are obstacles on the path to true health. The best feedback is the message we get from our bodies when we feel good — and it’s hard not to feel good when you’re covered in a sheen of sweat, crooning Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” at the top of your lungs with a group of cycling kindred spirits.

Life’s dark moments can leave us feeling voiceless, but here is a place where students can find their voice and speak through their fear. So drop by just as you are. Hold your head high, open your heart and let your light shine.