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What makes Epic Ryde stand out?

18 August 2016

12439399_1085086408256731_3507740378230782896_nRyde is all about Functional Fitness for life. We offer REAL workouts for REAL Life..
Our focus is results, real workouts and creating a sense of community.

If you are an athlete wanting to get faster on the bike or a person wanting to lose weight, or if you are just an everyday gym goer just trying to keep balance with your health and wellness, Epic is going to get you the long term results you are looking for. Our classes are created for all fitness levels and allow progression no matter where you are starting out.

The workouts you take part inside Epic mimic your day to day activities outdoors and focus on core, stability and balance. Our workouts are all about functional movements that make you better at your day to day activities.

Beyond the fitness benefits of Epic, we offer a sense of community. We offer an epic environment the fosters motivation, supports and friendship. We have created a community that people want to be a part of inside and out and that carries over to friendship beyond just the workouts.

Epic stands up because we have a passionate, energetic team of certified fitness professionals that truly care about our members.

To many studios these days are all about the latest trendy workout and providing short term results, where Epic Ryde stand out about the rest is that we are all about functional fitness for a persons long term health and wellness.

So one questions remains….Are you ready to get real with your workouts?