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Epic Ryde Instructor Makes History

29 September 2016

A HUGE Epic congratulations to Danny Wieland. It’s not everyday you break a world record but Danny recently made a new world record for base jumps. He completed 61 base jumps in 24 hours. He conquered BASE Jumper Breaks World Record With 61 Jumps Off Perrine Bridge (In 24-Hours)
He began BASE jumping off the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls at 9:30 a.m. on a Friday and by 9:30 a.m. Saturday, he had leaped from the Perrine Bridge for his 61st time, breaking the world record.

Danny also had to climb back up the bridge each time. It was estimated that the distance from the landing zone to the bridge was about 486 feet. Danny climbed nearly 30,000 feet over the 24-hour period, higher than the equivalent of Mount Everest.

WOW!!! We are so proud and impressed with Dannys accomplishments that we wanted to share them all with you. If you get the chance, take his Friday 7-8 a.m. Epic Mix class, but don’t worry he will not make you base jump but you will get an extreme epic workout.

Thanks for being such an inspiration to the world and to our Epic members.