Corbing is now being offered at Epic Ryde

Corbing with Danny

Saturday’s 11:15 a.m.

Corbing is a core and balance-intensive functional movement program that utilizes the BOSU® Ballast® Ball to challenge you in ways traditional training cannot. But more importantly, CorbingTM is a program that is extremely fun, yet challenging.

It was designed to get you back in touch with your inner child; that part of your spirit that is creative, curious, playful, and filled with boundless energy and enthusiasm. You will not only get stronger, better balanced, and coordinated, but you will also strengthen the connection between your mind and body to create deeper awareness of yourself.

In Corbing, individuals execute core and balance intensive dynamic movements and static holds with special emphasis placed on the interconnection of your movements. What makes this form of training so unique are these “transitional” movements which allow us to creatively connect various exercises into endless sequences (much like Yoga), creating fluid movement flows that engage both the mind and body on a much higher level.