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“Guilty Pleasures” Karaoke class at Epic Ryde

Do you like to Ryde? Do you like to Sing? Why not do them together? Our “GUILTY PLEASURES cycling is a 60 minute karaoke fueled endurance ride structured around the science of your own heart beat. When you work out in that optimal aerobic zone, you could carry on a […]

New bikes have arrived!

Our new Matrix IC7 bikes have arrived and they are awesome! The Matrix Ic7 Indoor Cycle delivers exciting and effective cardio training for its users. This bike features a WattRate® (power) meter that accurately measures power with a margin of error of just +/-1%. The Coach by Color® console displays […]

Epic Bike & Ratio Beer Ryde

Join Epic Ryde for a 60 minute special Bike & Beer indoor cycling class on July 18th. This special class will take place at Epic Ryde and be followed by a beer at RATIO Beerworks across the street. The Ryde is being offered at a discounted “Drop In” rate of […]