Membership & Cancellation Policy

Everything you need to know about Epic Ryde’s Monthly Membership…

The Month to Month Membership requires a two month minimum commitment and 30 days advanced notice to cancel.This membership will automatically renew every month unless canceled. Example: If your membership is billed on the 7th of the month and you’d like to finish taking classes in May, please contact us prior to April 7th to cancel. If your cancellation occurs after the April 7th, you will be billed for the following month.

The Epic Mini Membership allows you to attend up to 4 times a month. If you do not use your rydes each month you will lose them. They are not carried over. The Mini Membership requires a two month minimum commitment and 30 days advanced notice to cancel.The Mini Membership will auto renew each month until canceled.

The Paid In Full Membership requires a 12 month commitment and is valid for unlimited classes. It’s the most affordable option if you average two or more classes per week. You must pay in full for this membership. It will not auto renew after 12 months.

Having a reservation is EPIC because it guarantees you a spot in your preferred class!

Here’s everything you need to know about making reservations…

Epic Ryde Members with an active Month to Month Membership, Ryde Card or Drop-In can make reservations online or via a smartphone.

The reservation window opens exactly two weeks prior to the class on a first-come, first-served basis.
We recommend making your reservations as early as possible, especially during the busier Winter months.
If you prefer not to make a reservation, you are more than welcome to drop-in to a class. However, you are only guaranteed a spot when you have a confirmed reservation.

Reservations require a reservation deposit. This holds and guarantees your spot in the class.
Ryde Card holders: When you reserve a class, one Ryde is placed on hold. Attending the class officially pulls that Ryde from your card. If you early cancel, the Ryde is returned. A late cancel or no show will results in the loss of your Ryde deposit (i.e. one Ryde).

Members: When you reserve a class, a $10 deposit is placed on your account. A late cancel or no show will result in this deposit being charged to your credit or debit card. If you are a no show for class and did not late cancel (to open the spot up for someone else) you will be charged the intial reservation fee plus an additional $5 no show fee. You will only be charged your deposit if you late cancel and only will be you charged the additional $5 if you no show to the class without late canceling. You will not be charged anything if you cancel up to 12 hours before class.

We assume that if you have made a reservation, you agree to the Epic Ryde reservation policies.
There are NO REFUNDS OR EXCEPTIONS for a late cancel or no show including sudden illness, traffic, weather conditions, work conflicts, etc. etc.

An early cancellation is any cancellation that occurs prior to 12 hours before the scheduled class. Your deposit is returned in full.

A late cancellation is any cancellation that occurs within 12 hours of the scheduled class. Your deposit is lost regardless of the reason and regardless of whether or not there is a waitlist.

Members are responsible for making and canceling their own reservations online. Even though you may have a reservation, if you are not inside the studio 3 minutes prior to the start of class and the class is full, your spot may be given away to a waiting Member. If this occurs, you will lose your deposit.