February is a month of LOVE!

tumblr_mi2833PCio1rf5ig2o1_400February is a month of LOVE! To often we spend to much time focused on what to give to others, how to make them feel special and what we must create or do on Valentine’s Day for that special someone. This is all good, however why not take a moment and give yourself a little extra love with the gift of time and focus on you. This can include making time for your workouts and actually sticking to them. It’a been over a month since the new year and I am sure that those intentions are still there of having consistent workouts and being focused on healthy eating but it’s easy to let this month of love detour that focus. Stay on board with the commitment you gave to yourself regarding health and wellness and being good to yourself.

I heard a funny saying the other day. What you eat in private, you wear in public. This is true and it’s very important we never let those moments of weakness break our commitment of strength. Bottom line, keep the love going for yourself and of course show the love to the important people in your life during this dedicated month of love. I just want to remind you to stay focused on you, your happiness and your goals.

Great workout date ideas for Valentine’s Day!
*Rock Climbing
*Cycling Class
*Yoga Class
*Ice Skating
*Snow Shoeing

Happy Valentine’s Day!