Epic Ryde Etiquette

It’s very important to have epic etiquette in our studio. Epic Ryde is a friendly community environment for all so, let’s make sure to be respectful, courteous, and mindful of other members.

As a reminder, we have listed a few important guidelines to follow when you are joining us for classes.

1) No cell phones in use during class
Please turn them off and leave them in your bag. This is your time, turn them off and enjoy your workout.

2) No talking during class
We encourage you to make friends at epic, but please be respectful of those around you during classes by socializing before or after your class.

3) Wait for other classes to end before you enter the cycling or TRX area
We know you are excited to get ready for your class but please be respectfull and wait to enter the cycling and TRX areas until the current classes have officially ended. Hanging out in the common hallway area would be great until your class start time.

4) Wipe down your bike
The person after you will much appreciate it and you will appreciate it when the person before you does so.

5) Sign In
Please double check that you have signed in when you arrive for class. This will keep you from getting a no show fee or losing a Ryde. If you are unclear if you have officially signed in, please ask your instructor to double check.

6) Pre-sign up online
It’s our busy season and our classes do fill up. In order to guarantee yourself a spot in class, we highly recommend you sign up online ahead of time. You are more than welcome to drop in, but this does not guarantee you a spot in class.

7) Bike Set Up
If you have any problems or need help with your bike setup, please inform your instructor. Also, if you have any mechanical issues, please let us know.

8) Late Cancel, No Show and Waitlist Policy
Please take a few moments to go to the link below and read our policies so that you are familiar with them.

Link to Epic Policies

9) Be Epic!
We are all here to have an epic time. Smile and have fun!